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Honda X ADV-Red Adventure Motorbike

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Honda X ADV-White Adventure Motorbike

Honda X ADV-Grey Adventure Motorbike

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  • A brighter view
  • Hand protection
  • Front-end stability
  • Adjustable windshield

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X-ADV The spirit of adventure

With a desire to cut loose and enjoy new experiences, this motorcycle really captures the essence of freedom in an exciting new form.


A crossover styled machine, with strong off-road ability.

To make people sit up and take notice you have to do something entirely different, and the Honda X-ADV does just that. Conceived and developed by Honda’s R&D team in Italy, it brings a new look to our adventure line-up. There’s no mistaking the X-ADV anywhere. It stands out from the crowd with a blend of sophistication and ruggedness that runs from front to rear – it’s in a class of its own.


A motorcycle that thinks it’s an SUV and looks well beyond the city limits.

The X-ADV’s agility makes light work of the everyday ride through town traffic; but come the weekend, you can set your sights much further afield.


Off-road attitude mixed with super convenient features for the everyday ride.

A brighter view

The twin slim headlights are bright LED, so you won’t miss a thing. They’re designed as an integral part of the front fairing and are divided by a sporty mesh grill - adding extra aggression to the X-ADV’s stare.

Be seated

Good proportions for one or two-up riding, the seat is made with premium materials to make sure a long journey is a comfortable one. It's just the right height for the city, riding in town traffic, or anywhere in the countryside and provides excellent visibility with an upright riding position.

Hand protection

It wouldn’t be a crossover without the hand guards. They're the same as the Africa Twin and not just for looks either; they keep the wind-chill and weather off your hands and protect them from stones and off-road debris.

Front-end stability

The X-ADV has a strong stainless, 17-inch spoked front wheel that ensures greater control and handling on both smooth tarmac and rough terrain. Fitted with dual-purpose, block-pattern tyres, they’re perfectly suited to the X-ADV’s crossover looks and rugged attitude.

Adjustable windshield

The X-ADV’s screen adjusts without tools from low to high – through five positions – for greater wind and weather protection. The total height difference is 136mm, with an 11° angle difference between the highest and lowest points.


Technology and design coexist perfectly to deliver strong all-round performance.

The X-ADV is built round a 745cc twin-cylinder engine that has plenty of getaway torque in town, and drive to take you up a steep off-road track. Combined with a Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) – similar to the Africa Twin – you get seamless gear changes over all kinds of terrain. Dirt track or tarmac, the choice is yours.

Make tracks

When the call for adventure comes through loud and clear, the X-ADV is happy to oblige, just hit the G switch then hit the trail.

You can experience some real off-road thills riding the X-ADV. Even on the loose stuff you’ll feel a great response, with superb control, by using Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and the G-switch.

With a strong twin-cylinder engine and a selection of different transmission modes, it’s an exhilarating ride through those fast, sweeping bends.


A totally different motorcycle.

The X-ADV is built around a strong, completely new, tubular-steel chassis for firm and confident handling on different road surfaces. It’s also been created to provide a roomy 21-litres of handy, under-seat storage space too.

Long travel

The 41mm upside-down fork offers spring preload and rebound damping adjustment along with 153mm of travel, while the preload-adjustable Pro-Link rear shock offers 150mm. All this, matched with a ground clearance of 162mm, make it ideal for more than just a casual off-road excursion.

Stopping power

Braking on the X-ADV with ABS inspires confidence on less than perfect roads or in wet conditions. It delivers strong, precise and stable stopping performance through dual-discs with radial-mounted, 4-piston front brake calipers. Rear disc brake is a 2-piston caliper type.

Front forks are fully adjustable to give you a smoother ride over all kinds of terrain.

Pro-Link rear suspension ­­– operating a sturdy swingarm – is featured for high levels of rider comfort, together with durability, over the rough stuff.

Take your turn

With the rake and trail set at 27° and 104mm respectively, it feels naturally balanced with exceptional straight-line stability. The X-ADV is designed with a 39˚steering angle and a turning circle of just 2.8 metres, making it really easy to handle in a tight spot.


The X-ADV can take every journey in its stride with a Dual Clutch Transmission that comes with 4-rider modes.

Pick your ride

It’s easy to choose the ride that suits you best for different road conditions and off-road surfaces. Once selected, each mode is clearly displayed on the wide LCD instrument panel.

More control

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) features 2 Levels: Level 1 allows some rear wheel spin on gravel or dirt tracks and Level 2 inspires greater confidence on slippery roads. The default setting, which is Level 2, can be changed by simply pushing the button on the handlebar. (Pushing and holding the button turns HSTC off.)

The G Switch

A feature taken straight from the Africa Twin, the G switch increases the X-ADV’s off-road capability and is positioned on the instrument panel. Hitting the switch, in any riding mode, improves traction and delivers power exactly to where you need it most – at the back wheel.

MT Mode

If you want to take complete control of the X-ADV and experience that direct contact between brain, wrist, throttle, engine and road surface, then select this manual mode for some old-school riding thrills.

Multi-DCT Modes

Standard automatic D mode selects lower ratios for quick acceleration; just what you need in town traffic. For a sportier ride – out of town – S mode really hits the spot by changing gear at higher RPM. You can save S mode settings for subsequent and similar rides too, and it’s all displayed on the LCD panel.


The X-ADV with a Dual Clutch Transmission.

Two clutches are independently controlled by their own electro-hydraulic circuit, so when a gear is selected it switches through one clutch to the other. It’s quick and seamless, eliminating shift-shock, as you change up or down through the gears. Select your mode, and let it take you along for the ride.


An engine that really wants to go.

The X-ADV’s 745cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC 8-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine puts out strong low-to-mid-range torque of 68Nm @ 4750rpm. This long-stroke motor delivers a rush of road-ripping acceleration from very low rpm; quite capable of leaving most other motorcycles standing at a traffic light.

Refined performance

Twin balancers on the crank shaft counteract vibration when the engine runs at higher revs, yet still allows a distinctive ‘throb’ and deep exhaust note delivered by the 270° firing order. It’s a unique and satisfying sound.

Extra economy

A single 36mm throttle body and PGM-FI feeds the exact fuel/air ratio to make the X-ADV EURO4 compliant. With fuel consumption that provides approximately 300km range, there's a lot of riding to do on a 13.1-litre fuel tank.

The upswept exhaust emits a strong pulsing sound; it’s slim and has good ground clearance tucked in close to the bodywork.

Plenty of torque to pull away from a traffic light combines well with smooth power and performance out on the open road. This is much more of a motorcycle than you can imagine, and when you ride it you’ll know, so why not arrange a test ride and find out for yourself.

More Information
Condition New
Manufacturer Honda Motor Company
Brand Honda Motor Company
colour Grey
Battery Capacity (VAh) 12V-11.2AH
Caster Angle 27°
Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2245x910x1375
Frame type Steel Diamond
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 13.1
Fuel Consumption 27.5km/l
Ground Clearance (mm) 162
Kerb Weight (kg) 238
Trail (mm) 104
Wheelbase (mm) 1590
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Bore × Stroke (mm) 77 x 80
Engine Capacity (cc) 745
C02 Emissions (g/km) 85
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Engine Type Liquid-cooled, L2, SOHC
Max. Power Output 68Nm @ 4,750rpm
Max. Torque 40.3Nm @ 6,250rpm
Oil Capacity (Litres) 4.1
Transmission Automatic
Final Drive Chain
Transmission Type 6-speed
ABS System 2 Channel
Brakes Front 296mm, double disc
Brakes Rear 240mm, single disc
Suspension Rear Prolink with Rear Shock Preload adjustment
Tyre Size Front 120/70 R17
Tyre Size Rear 160/60 R15
Wheels Front 17 inch
Wheels Rear 15 inch
Headlights LED
Tail Light LED
Instruments 12v Socket, Digital Instruments
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