Honda PCX125 2021

Honda PCX125 2021 White 125cc Scooter

Honda SH125I 2020-Grey 125cc Scooter

Honda SH125I 2020-Grey 125cc Scooter

Honda SH125I 2020-Red 125cc Scooter

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  • Sharp and clear LCD information

  • Full LED lighting for crisp visibility

  • Tough and lightweight frame

  • Improved rear suspension smooths out bumps

  • All-new 4V eSP+ engine


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You always notice the top of the class.

Living in the city, we know your life runs fast. A whirlwind blur of where and when to be. You need to stay ahead. And have a load of fun while you do it. By instinct and design, so does our beautiful, brand new SH125i. It keeps ahead of the pack thanks to its smooth, freshly sculpted sporty style wrapping a more powerful, more fuel efficient HSTC-equipped 4V four-stroke eSP+ engine.

Ultra-modern mobility

Adding convenience, a USB port has been integrated for charging on the move. At the same time a careful redesign of rear suspension geometry has improved ride quality and comfort for you and your passenger. A brand-new LCD dash presents exactly what you need to know clearly and precisely, while complete LED lighting is sharp and highly visible.

Ride easy

You’ve got the ease of a Honda Smart Key which operates the ignition, seat, filler cap and steering lock from your pocket, plus the option to add a Smart Top Box that locks automatically and simply opens via a carrier-mounted button. There’s also the choice of extra weather protection from windscreen and knuckle guards for winter commuting. 


MORE ROOM FOR THE BIG THINGS. AND THE LITTLE THINGS. By moving the 7L fuel tank under the floor, and redesigning the SH125i’s tubular steel frame, we’ve freed up a whole load of useful room. Over 50%; an extra 10L gives a total of 28L under-seat storage, so you can easily tuck away a full-face helmet when you don’t want to carry it – and a whole lot of everything else.

Sharp and clear LCD information

The new LCD display presents all warning lights – including Smart Key, HSTC/ABS and Idling Stop operation – neatly around a central digital speedo/odometer display. All operations on the dash are carried out via A/B buttons on the left handlebar. 


ALWAYS KEEP IN TOUCH. You’re on the move. And running out of charge in your mobile device can be inconvenient. To help out we’ve subtly integrated a USB socket into the under-seat storage compartment. No need for an adaptor; simply connect your device’s lead, plug it in, and go. When you arrive, you’re good.

Full LED lighting for crisp visibility

Super-stylish and sleek the fairing-mounted headlight features a central main beam splitting dual dip beams, while position lights reside above on the handlebar nacelle. And the rear light is LED with a chrome surround, matching the front. 

Tough and lightweight frame

Seat height is a very manageable 799mm. The new lightweight, high-tensile tubular steel frame is durable and core to the SH125i’s excellent handling. It houses the 7L fuel tank under the flat floor beneath the rider’s feet which frees up additional storage space. 

Improved rear suspension smooths out bumps

The dual rear shocks feature 5-step spring preload adjustment with 83mm axle travel. For ride comfort the engine hanger link angle and rear suspension angle have been optimised making for more-supple bump-absorption and control.

All-new 4V eSP+ engine

The liquid-cooled 4V eSP+ engine serves up faster acceleration, plus higher top speed than the 2V engine it replaces and features Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) to manage rear wheel traction. It is also EURO5-compliant and returns a very efficient 44.6km/l.


The SH125i’s new liquid-cooled 4V eSP+ engine is faster, leaner and cleaner than ever before.

To maintain the SH125i’s number one status, we’ve given it a redesigned 124.8cc, liquid-cooled 4V four-stroke eSP+ engine that smoothly develops more power (9.2kW @ 8,250rpm) and torque (11.4Nm @ 6,500rpm). So standing start and passing acceleration times are faster than the previous SH125i, as is top speed. All of which is useful for beating busy traffic.

Lean and clean

Fuel economy (without Idling Stop activated) goes from the 43.3km/l of the 2V eSP+ engine to the 4V eSP+ engine’s 44.6km/l (WMTC mode). And just as important to owners and for a machine that will spend most of its time in an urban environment the SH125i’s eSP+ engine is now EURO5 compliant; the allowable limits for exhaust emissions specified by EURO5 are drastically reduced compared to those of EURO4.

More Information
Condition New
Manufacturer Honda Motor Company
Brand Honda Motor Company
colour Red
MPN SH125I 2020
Battery Capacity (VAh) YTZ8V 7Ah MF
Caster Angle 26°
Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2,085mm x 740mm x 1,129mm
Frame type Tubular Steel Underbone
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 7.0
Fuel Consumption 44.6km/litre
Ground Clearance (mm) 142
Kerb Weight (kg) 136.5
Trail (mm) 85
Wheelbase (mm) 1353
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Bore × Stroke (mm) 53.5 x 55.4
Engine Capacity (cc) 124.5
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Engine Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC
Max. Power Output 9.2kW/8,250rpm
Max. Torque 11.4Nm/6,500rpm
Oil Capacity (Litres) 0.9
Transmission Automatic
Final Drive V-Belt
Transmission Type CVT
ABS System 2 Channel
Brakes Front 240mm disc, 2 piston caliper
Brakes Rear 240mm disc, single piston caliper
Suspension Front Telescopic Φ33
Suspension Rear Dual-damper unit swing arm
Tyre Size Front 100/80-16 inch
Tyre Size Rear 120/80-16 inch
Wheels Front 16M/C x MT2.50
Wheels Rear 16M/C x MT2.75
Headlights LED
Tail Light LED
Instruments LCD presents all warning lights – including Smart Key, HSTC/ABS and Idling Stop operation – neatly around a central digital speedo/odometer display.
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